OTBD - Sprints


Briefing:11:00am - Sunday 5th Jun 2016
Finish:4:00pm - Sunday 5th Jun 2016

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Race Officials

Position Volunteer
Principal Race Officer Reece Foort - PRO
Flags Matt Dickinson
Scribe Unassigned

Committee Boat 2 (SYC4)

Position Volunteer
Skipper Bob Little - OTBD - Skipper
Crew Robyn Little

Course Boat 1 (SYC5)

Position Volunteer
Skipper Wayne Watson
Crew Nick Martland - OTBD

Pin Boat 1 (SYC6)

Position Volunteer
Skipper Steve Amos - OTBD
Crew Unassigned

Support Boat 1 (SYC7)

Position Volunteer
Skipper Peter Pritchard
Crew Peter Mitchell - OTBD